Why I started ‘People for Nature’


When we spotted a Brahminy Kite!

Ever since I visited Kenya an year ago, I have been extremely passionate about nature and wildlife. Living in an Indian metro, I see people abusing nature everyday. I see people dumping garbage from their houses into nearby lakes, I see them burning rubber and throwing it around, damaging trees, and I also see them bathing nude in lakes. To make it even worse, they use soap while bathing in the lakes, causing the water to become alkaline!

I then had a thought. The only way to stop people from harming nature, is to get them to be passionate about it too! So, I started an initiative called “People for Nature”. Through “People for Nature”, I aim to make people fall in love with nature so that there are more of us on our planet who are working to preserve its beauty.

“People for Nature” had its first event last Sunday, 24th July,2016. It was a ‘Nature Walk with a story’  held at Kasavanahalli Lake, around which many people reside. The nature walk was to show people the beauty of the oasis in their backyard, the problems that it faces and to showcase the fact that in a few years the lake would probably be a dried up patch of land. So, my hope was that people would fall in love with the beauty of the lake and work to conserve it.


Beauty of the oasis…

I used a story telling session to get the attention of the children. The story of the lake and the problems it faces being known as the ‘monster’  were put in a straightforward way, to be understood by them.


People looking at the sewage water and dead fish…

I aim to hold such events in different parts of Bangalore so that people from that particular community can work toward nature conservation in that area. My passion for wildlife is also inspiring me to aim towards improving the of these places.

If any of you are interested and  want to receive regular updates about my events, please like my facebook page, “People for Nature” or send an email to peoplefornature123@gmail.com

If anyone is interested in volunteering, send an email to peoplefornature123@gmail.com






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